The first sewing project that we had to do this semester, was to make a bag. We picked out what kind of material, liner and bow that we would like on the bag. I chose a zebra print with a white bow as an embelishement. We had to pin the material together, measure it out and we had to pin the straps on. As we would sew the material together, we would take the pins out, the handles were sewn on last. I am planning on using this bag for the beach, and for when I go on vacation to out a few things inside.

Zebra Sewn Bag 2012

In textiles, one of the many things we learned to do was sew. I made a small phone case. I used white and black flower material and a small button for a latch. This project turned out very well. The case holds my phone just right and I have a little bit of extra space to hold a few others things in it as well.
Phone Case 2012

We were assigned a different topic to draw about each week. One of the topics was "feathers", I drew the feather earrings on the girl in the picture. We had to do the drawing from three different angles and add color. We didnt have to add a hair color, but I usually did just to dress up the model a bit.

Feather Earrings 2012

Towards the ends of the semester, I learned to braid. We had to cut three strips in the end of a bed sheet and rip them off. We then had to tie a knot and wrap yarn around it sewing it together. We wrapped the sheet in a circle and then used a needle and thread to sew it together. Some people made rugs or small coasters. My finished product was a little different, it was a bowl. I actually have found a lot of good uses out of it, like packing it with ice and using it as a mini cooler for summer, or putting a liner in it, and using it as a food holder. It could also block out those UV rays at the beach if I wear it as a hat!!

Braided Bowl 2012

As my final project, I made another project with the bed sheets. However, this one is a rug instead of a bowl. It is 18 inches and it had a variety of different colors and colors of yarn. I will put this rug in my room, because I need one in there and it will go with the colors.
Braided Rug-Final Project 2012

We had to do a fashion show and our table did it togther. We all brought in random pieces of colorful clothing that we dont use anymore. We had pink sweatpants, a blue tie dye shirt and checkered pajama pants. We cut up the pj pants and used them as a head band and also a scarf. We cut the legs off of the pink swet pants and made them into shorts. The blue tie dye shirt turned into a tank top and also a head band. Kenzi and I were the models. She got the cuter outfit, though. We had to wear the outfits for the class and get a picture together and alone. It was really fun to do the fashion show, even though the outfits were kind of hidous.

Fashion Show 2012